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Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions of Use Rights to contents
Scope – Validity Data Protection
Use of contents Miscellaneous Clauses
Warranty Terms of Use "Aral Picture Archive"
Exclusion Of Liability Imprint

Terms and Conditions of Use

In order to use the Aral Design Website and the Aral Design Download you have to read and agreed to the terms and conditions of use. The following General Conditions of Use apply to access to and use of the contents displayed by this website. The Aral Design content is free of charge

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Scope – Validity

The website www.aral-design.com is an Internet offer by Aral Aktiengesellschaft (Brand Management), Wittener Strasse 45, 44789 Bochum (hereinafter referred to as "Aral"). The following General Conditions of Use apply to access to and use of the contents displayed by this website. They also apply to websites of Aral's associated companies accessed by links. By accessing this website, the user declares that he agrees to the General Conditions of Use. Aral is at all times entitled to alter the contents of these General Conditions of Use without prior notice. By the continuous use of www.aral-design.com, the user declares that he agrees to the alterations.

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Use of contents

Texts, photos, diagrams, Aral logos open scratch files as well as the "Aral V2" typeface are available for free download subject to applicable proprietary rights as a special service for our external service providers.
The respective postscript-fonts ,Aral V2 light, Aral V2 light italic, Aral V2 regular, Aral V2 regular italic, Aral V2 medium, Aral V2 medium italic, Aral V2 bold, Aral V2 bold italic for use with DTP-files, shall exclusively be used by order of Aral.
Any alterations to the original Aral files shall be subject to specific Aral consent.
The respective Aral design guidelines, Aral Logos and pictures - concerning the Aral Brand Design - shall exclusively be used by order of Aral.
Particular terms of use apply for the utilisation of the picture archives,which I have read and herewith accept. Any transfer to third parties or use in connection with third party orders shall be permitted solely within the scope of Aral productions.

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Use of this website is at the user's risk. Aral assumes no warranty for the fact that the website or its contents will be available at all times. In particular, Aral assumes no warranty for the suitability of the contents for any given purpose, for their correctness or completeness, for their freedom from viruses and for accurate transmission.
Aral assumes no warranty for the contents of services installed or provided by third parties who are not members of the Aral Group. Aral merely provides access. Inasmuch as a user enters into a contract with a third party, for example concerning the purchase of goods or the performance of services, Aral is not a party to these transactions. No rights or obligations accrue to Aral as a result of such contracts. Aral points out that it assumes no responsibility for the contents of microsites as well as banners and other advertising matter, and that it assumes no warranty for these inasmuch as the contents do not originate from Aral.

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Exclusion Of Liability

As far as losses are concerned, regardless of their cause, Aral is only liable in the case of a wilful act or gross negligence on the part of its staff or other agents. This applies accordingly in the case of an infringement of precontractual or ancillary contractual obligations. Liability for a breach of obligations as a result of ordinary negligence is also excluded inasmuch as this does not affect any essential contractual obligations. Claims for compensation are confined to typically foreseeable losses. Inasmuch as services by third parties who are not members of the Group are used, Aral is not liable for their qualitative or quantitative availability.

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Rights to contents

All rights (e. g. copyrights, proprietary and/or trademark rights) in connection with the contents of this web site remain exclusively with Aral or their licensers, respectively.

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Data Protection

All information concerning data protection and the use of cookies is provided for you here.

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Miscellaneous Clauses

The law applicable is solely that of the Federal Republic of Germany. The place of performance is Bochum. Sole jurisdiction regarding all claims in connection with these stipulations is also Bochum. In the event of any one clause of these General Conditions of Use being or becoming null and void, this is without prejudice to the validity of the remaining clauses. The void clause is substituted by one which most closely resembles the meaning and purpose of the void clause. This applies accordingly in the case of a gap in the Conditions of Use.

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Terms of Use "Aral Picture Archive"

1. Within the realm of these conditions of use, Aral AG grants the users online access to the "Aral Picture Archive" via HTTP in order to carry out Internet research, to download picture files and to upload them into the user's own import folder.

2. The users may use the "Aral Picture Archive" exclusively for purposes of Aral AG or for purposes of the user which were granted to the users by Aral AG. The picture files downloaded within the realm of the granted purpose must not be used by the users in an offending manner, whether in religious, defamatory or any other way.

3. Within the realm of the granted purpose(s), Aral AG arranges for a user authorization for researching in and downloading of picture files from the "Aral Picture Archive" for the users and for this purpose activates an account for the users, which consists of a user name (e-mail address) and a password. The users are expected to keep the password and the username separately and top secret. If third persons are enabled to use the "Aral Picture Archive" due to the negligent violation of the duty of secrecy by the users, the users will pay for the loss suffered by Aral AG due to this violation. Users who have reason to assume that third persons could have gained access to their password will immediately notify Aral AG of this. Aral AG will then allocate a new password to them.

4. With user name and password, the users have only access to the "Aral Picture Archive" for researching in and downloading of picture files from the "Aral Picture Archive" to the extent allocated to the users by Aral in order to achieve the granted purpose(s) at Aral's own discretion. In addition, users are only allowed to download such picture files they really use for the granted purpose(s). Users are not entitled to an enlargement of the user authorization. In case of users being legal persons, only staff of the legal person can obtain a user authorization.

5. Users with user authorization can upload picture files in the respective picture format to their own import folder. Pictures with immoral, violating, pornographic or morally questionable content are excluded from uploading. The users are themselves responsible for pictures they publish on the Internet. They guarantee that these contents are not illegal and do not infringe the rights of third parties. The decision on the suitability of the picture files for being published is taken by the responsible picture manager of Aral AG. He also retains the right at his discretion to refuse certain files for the public platform as well as the right to remove pictures from the public platform which were already accepted.

6. Any picture file is accompanied by information about picture copyright, the source of the picture file as well as details on the kind and the extent of restrictions of use, especially with regard to content, time and/or place of use. These details are an integral part of the conditions of use at hand. Users oblige to strictly adhere to these additional legal conditions of use as part of the conditions of use.

7. Aral AG does not assume any obligation concerning updating and/or enlarging the "Aral Picture Archive".

8. In relation to the user, all rights and especially all copyright rights of use and exploitation rights in the "Aral Picture Archive" as well as in all individual parts of the "Aral Picture Archive" are exclusively due to Aral AG or to the licensers respectively.

9. Aral AG has created the contents of the "Aral Picture Archive" itself and has exercised its utmost care when compiling the data as well as checked these data randomly for correctness and completeness. It is, however, possible that individual data are incorrect and/or incomplete. Aral AG does not assume any warranty neither for this nor for the fact that the users can use the downloaded picture files within the realm of the granted purpose(s).

10. The liability of Aral AG with regard to damages incurred to the users irrespective of their nature is excluded unless Aral AG can be blamed for intention or gross negligence.

11. Users who are not employees of Aral AG are herewith informed according to the Federal Data Protection Act that Aral AG saves their complete address as well as other use specific details in a machine-readable form and uses them by machine for use specific purposes. The users are granted the confidentiality of their data by Aral AG.

12. The conditions of use at hand are subject to the legislation of the Federal Republic of Germany.

13. Place of jurisdiction is Düsseldorf unless the user is a businessman or a legal person of public law or if it has its domicile or seat abroad.

14. Please address all user inquiries in connection with the use of the "Aral Picture Archive" to brandmanagement@aral.com.

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